Lucrative Side Hustle on Medium – Transforming Words into Wealth

Turning Dreams into Reality Medium to drive traffic

We’ve all heard of the term “writer,” and for many, it may sound too formal or professional. However, the side hustle I’m about to introduce is accessible to anyone who attended high school English classes, regardless of their writing prowess hustle on Medium.


The Shocking Revelation Hustle on Medium


Medium: More Than a Platform

Believe it or not, the very platform you’re on right now, Medium can be a real money-maker. And no, we’re not talking about the Medium Partner Program; instead, we’re diving into a sustainable business model that harnesses the free traffic Medium provides.


The Power of Newsletters

Have you ever considered starting a newsletter? Now is the perfect time. People are raking in substantial earnings, some even hitting six figures, by leveraging Medium to drive traffic to their newsletters.


My Medium Journey


Unleashing the Stats

To illustrate the potential, let me share my Medium journey. I published my first post on August 7th, and within the first month, I grew to over 1k followers. Fast forward five months, and I now boast a following of 32k. The kicker? My Medium stories average over 273,000 views per month – all organic traffic, no Ads or Publications.


The Medium Advantage

Small businesses invest thousands in Ads for the traffic Medium generously provides for free. These views have translated into hundreds of dollars from affiliate income and digital products, all within five months.


The Superiority of Newsletters


Why Newsletters?

Among various ways to monetize, newsletters stand out as the best. Take, for instance, Morning Brew, a newsletter that skyrocketed from an idea to a million-dollar sensation.


The Foundation of Success

The key to this side hustle is simple: drive traffic from Medium to your newsletter and monetize your list effectively on Medium.


Turning Dreams into Reality Medium to Drive Traffic


Turning Dreams into Reality Medium to drive traffic


Step 1: Pick Your Passion

To make waves on Medium, consistency reigns supreme. Choose a topic that ignites your passion – something people would willingly pay for tips on. Your enthusiasm will permeate your words, drawing in readers.


Step 2: Define Your Audience

Understand your audience concerning your chosen topic. Whether catering to busy moms or tech entrepreneurs, tailor your writing style to resonate with them. Speak their language, addressing their needs and interests.


Step 3: Choose a Catchy Name

Give your newsletter a name that mirrors your vibe – short, memorable, and relevant. The name should encapsulate the essence of your content, enticing potential subscribers.


Step 4: Set Up Your Platform

Select a reliable platform like Substack for sending out newsletters on Medium. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, helping you design and send professional-looking newsletters with ease.


Step 5: Start Driving Traffic

Harness the power of Medium to drive traffic. Position your Medium Page as a portfolio showcasing the value your newsletter brings. Let potential subscribers see what they stand to gain, turning casual readers into dedicated followers.


Monetizing Your Email Newsletter


1. Brand Sponsorships

Newsletters with around 50,000 subscribers can charge $3,000 to $5,000 per sponsored email, potentially earning $12,000 to $20,000 monthly.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Insert affiliate links into your newsletter, earning a commission when subscribers make purchases through them.


3. Ads

Host ads seamlessly in your newsletter, much like popular websites, using platforms like Beehive.


4. Subscriptions

Consider creating a paid newsletter for a stable income. Medium can help attract readers, potentially earning you a steady income stream.


Final Thoughts:

In less than five months, my Medium following reached 32k, proving that you don’t need to be a professional writer to succeed hustle on Medium. On Medium, everyone is welcome. Start your Medium Page, share your stories, and embrace the potential of this lucrative side hustle.

Embark on this journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge that your passion can evolve into a thriving newsletter. Follow these steps, and watch as your dreams of a successful online presence become a tangible reality.



How long did it take you to reach 32k followers on Medium?

In less than five months, I reached 32k followers on Medium.


Why do you recommend newsletters over other ways to make money on Medium?

Newsletters provide a versatile monetization strategy, including brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, ads, and subscriptions, offering substantial earnings.


What role does passion play in choosing a topic for a newsletter?

Passion is crucial for consistency. Choosing a topic you’re passionate about ensures your enthusiasm shines through your words, attracting and retaining subscribers.


How can one effectively drive traffic from Medium to their newsletter?

Position your Medium Page as a portfolio, showcasing the value potential subscribers can gain from your newsletter. Promote your email list strategically in your Medium stories.


Why offer a 1:1 Medium Income Coaching Program for such a low monthly fee?

I want to help aspiring writers build their own passive income writing business. The program provides personalized guidance, constructive feedback, and a supportive community to accelerate your success.



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