Medium Mastery – 10 Essential Writing Strategies for New Writers

Medium Mastery - 10 Essential Writing Strategies for New Writers


Writing Strategies for New Writers


It’s often wiser to seek wisdom from those who have trodden the path before us rather than stumbling through it ourselves, expending needless energy and time. As someone who has been writing online since 2007, initially as a side gig and for pure enjoyment, I’ve recently embraced Writing Strategies as a serious endeavor. Reflecting on my journey, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 strategies I wish I had known a decade ago. While it might be too late for me, it’s the perfect time for you, new writers, to adopt these optimal practices from the beginning for quicker success.


1. Write and Publish Frequently

A consistent average writer can surpass the world’s best writer who publishes less frequently. Increase your visibility by tuning your writing frequency, ranging from 1 to 10 times per week based on content quality and research effort.


2. Write a Scannable Story Every Time

Keep your articles uncluttered by utilizing numerous subheadings. Help readers navigate to the interesting parts easily, fostering a less frustrated audience that turns into followers and fans.


3. Write ‘Like You Talk’ — Make it Simple

Writing doesn’t require acquiring new skills; it’s a skill embedded in our ability to communicate. If you can articulate thoughts verbally, you possess the essence of Writing Strategies. The key is to transcribe your spoken words into written form, emphasizing simplicity over rigid adherence to writing rules. Focus on clarity, allowing your ideas to resonate effortlessly with readers. Embrace the natural flow of conversation to make your written expression more accessible and engaging.


4. Repeat Your Core Ideas

Express the same idea in different ways, emphasizing what you believe in. Repeating core ideas builds a connection with readers, helping you find the right audience without allowing redundancy to become monotonous.


5. Write in Active Voice

Boldness and assertiveness are the key ingredients; employing the first-person voice captivates readers, compelling them to immerse themselves in your writing. This approach isn’t just a technique; it’s a conduit to authenticity, creating a connection that resonates with the audience. When you boldly express your perspective, readers not only engage with your words but also form a genuine connection, making your writing memorable and impactful.


6. Write to That One Persona

Imagine a reader persona with the attitude and interests of the majority. Write to convince and make them buy into your ideas, simplifying the writing process and reducing the need for extensive re-editing.


7. Be Vulnerable and Highly Enthusiastic

In embracing your humanity, don’t shy away from revealing your imperfections. Confessing weaknesses, shortcomings, and vulnerabilities forms a powerful connection with your readers, fostering an environment of authenticity. This transparency transforms you from a distant voice to a relatable friend, encouraging deeper engagement as your audience sees the genuine person behind the words. By baring your vulnerabilities, you create a space where readers feel more comfortable, ultimately strengthening the bond between writer and audience. So, embrace your flaws, for in doing so, you invite your readers into a more genuine and meaningful connection.


8. Write in Flow State

Allow the creative process to flow organically; if the inspiration is lacking, refrain from forcing yourself to write. Instead, strive to attain a flow state, a harmonious alignment of actions and thoughts. This state not only ensures heightened efficiency but also mitigates the potential risks of burnout, providing a sustainable and enjoyable writing experience.


9. Don’t Bind Yourself to One Niche

Diversifying your Writing Strategies across 2 to 3 niches as a new writer not only expands your creative horizons but also enables you to engage with a broader audience. This strategic approach enhances your versatility, allowing you to explore diverse topics and cater to varied reader interests. By embracing multiple niches simultaneously, you open doors to unique opportunities for content creation, establishing yourself as a dynamic and adaptable writer in the competitive online landscape. Embracing this diversity not only attracts a wider readership but also hones your skills across different subject areas, contributing to a well-rounded and successful writing journey.


10. Edit Less, But Don’t Compromise Quality

Embrace the ethos of the Minimum Viable Story, releasing your narrative when it feels polished enough. Prioritize timeliness over perfection, as the initial version can serve as a foundation for future enhancements. This approach allows you to engage with your audience promptly and gather valuable feedback for continual refinement. Avoid the trap of excessive perfectionism, recognizing that each iteration offers a chance to elevate your storytelling prowess. Embodying this principle ensures a dynamic and evolving narrative journey for both you and your readers.


Final Thoughts:


These strategies are a culmination of lessons learned over a decade of writing. New writers can leverage these insights to accelerate their success on platforms like Medium. Remember, the key is not just in writing but in adopting strategic approaches that resonate with your audience.


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