Top 101+ High DA Free Article Submission Sites List in 2024

Top 101+ High DA Free Article Submission Sites List 2024

Free Article Submission Sites involve submitting written articles to online article directories or platforms that host articles. It’s a method used by individuals, businesses, or marketers to share valuable content, often related to their expertise, products, or services, with a wider audience.


Advantages of Free Article Submission Sites:


Enhanced Visibility: Publishing articles on reputable platforms increases visibility. It exposes the content to a larger audience, potentially attracting more readers.

Establishing Authority: Consistent and high-quality article submissions help in establishing oneself or a brand as an authority in a particular field or industry. This builds trust and credibility among readers.

SEO Benefits: Well-optimized articles with relevant keywords and backlinks can positively impact search engine rankings. This can lead to improved visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Generating Traffic: Engaging and informative articles have the potential to drive traffic to websites or blogs. A well-placed call-to-action within the article can encourage readers to visit specific web pages.

Networking and Connections: Article submissions provide opportunities for networking with other writers, industry professionals, or readers who may share or engage with the content.

Brand Exposure: Articles can serve as a means to promote a brand, its products, or services subtly. Valuable content can create positive brand associations among readers.

Lead Generation: Compelling articles can capture the interest of readers, leading to potential leads or conversions. This is especially true if the content offers solutions to readers’ problems or addresses their needs.

Long-Term Value: Articles published on reputable platforms often have a lasting effect. They continue to be accessible and can drive traffic and engagement long after their initial publication.

Diverse Content Types: Article submissions allow for different types of content, such as informative articles, opinion pieces, how-to guides, or case studies, catering to varied reader preferences.

Feedback and Engagement: Articles often invite comments and discussions, encouraging reader engagement. This feedback can be valuable in understanding audience interests and preferences.


4 Golden Rules of Article Writing 



Free Article Submission Sites



  1. Fresh and Original Content: Your article should offer unique insights, perspectives, or information on the topic. Avoid regurgitating information already widely available. Add value by presenting new research, personal experiences, or innovative viewpoints. Authenticity and originality make your article more engaging and valuable to readers.


  1. Word Count Range (400 to 700 words): Aim for a word count that allows you to cover the topic comprehensively without being too brief or overly verbose. A range of 400 to 700 words provides enough space to delve into the subject matter while keeping the content concise and focused. Adjust as needed to meet the requirements of the topic and target audience.


  1. Grammar and Spelling Accuracy: Ensure your article is error-free in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Mistakes can distract readers and undermine the credibility of your content. Proofread thoroughly or consider using grammar-checking tools to catch any errors before publishing.


  1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: While keywords are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), overusing them can negatively impact readability and authenticity. Focus on the natural integration of keywords within the article. Write for your audience first, and then optimize for search engines. Use synonyms, related terms, and variations to maintain a natural flow without repetitively forcing keywords into the content.



Here is the Top 101+ Instant Approval Free Article Submission Sites List 2023


S.NO  Article Submission Sites DA
1 99
2 96
3 94
4 93
5 92
6 92
7 92
8 91
9 91
10 90
11 89
12 89
13 87
14 85
15 77
16 77
17 76
18 76
19 74
20 72
21 70
22 69
23 67
24 66
25 64
26 61
27 60
28 57
29 56
30 56
31 55
32 55
33 53
34 52
35 52
36 50
37 50
38 49
39 48
40 47
41 44
42 43
43 43
44 41
45 41
46 39
47 39
48 38
49 36
50 36
51 36
52 35
53 35
54 35
55 34
56 34
57 34
58 34
59 33
60 33
61 32
62 32
63 32
64 31
65 30
66 30
67 29
68 29
69 29
70 28
71 27
72 27
73 27
74 27
75 27
76 26
77 26
78 25
79 24
80 24
81 24
82 24
83 24
84 23
85 23
86 23
87 21
88 19
89 19
90 19
91 18
92 18
93 18
94 18
95 17
96 15
97 15
98 13
99 11
100 9
101 8


Bonus Free Article Submission Sites List For you!


Article Submission Sites DR Keyword Traffic 54 40202 19152 61 285 400 50 16825 7802 68 6552 1548 70 5436 3398 34 1917 2095 78 309305 249477

Different Types of Online Article Submission Sites


Online article submission sites encompass various platforms where individuals or businesses can submit articles for publication. These platforms serve as digital repositories for diverse content, catering to different niches, industries, and reader demographics. Here are the different types of online article submission sites:


General Article Directories: These directories accept articles across a wide array of topics, making them suitable for diverse content types. They cover various subjects, including lifestyle, health, technology, business, and more.

Niche-Specific Platforms: These platforms focus on specific industries or interests, catering to niche audiences. For instance, there are article directories dedicated solely to topics like finance, travel, fashion, or technology.

High Authority Publishing Sites: These are reputable and high-authority websites that prioritize quality content. Publishing articles on these platforms can boost credibility and visibility due to their strong online presence.

Blogs and Blogging Platforms: Blogs are popular for their informational, conversational, or opinionated content. Many blogging platforms allow guest contributors to submit articles, providing exposure to a blog’s audience.

Industry-Specific Websites: Certain industries have dedicated online platforms that accept articles related to their sector. For example, healthcare, marketing, or real estate might have specialized sites for article submissions.

Academic and Research Journals: These platforms cater to scholarly articles, research papers, and academic publications. They offer a formal avenue for experts, scholars, and researchers to share their findings.

Local and Regional Platforms: These focus on articles relevant to a specific geographical location or region. They often cover local news, events, or topics that are pertinent to the community.

Social Media and Community Forums: Some social media platforms and community forums allow users to post articles or blog-like content. These platforms encourage discussion and engagement among users.

Paid and Subscription-Based Sites: Certain platforms operate on a paid subscription model or charge for article submissions. These platforms may offer additional benefits or premium features for contributors.

Content Aggregator Sites: These platforms aggregate articles from various sources or authors. They act as a hub for curated content, allowing readers to access a wide range of articles in one place.




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