Top 101+ Health Guest Posting sites list & site finding ways

Top 101+ Health Guest Posting sites list & site finding ways

Exploring Health Guest Posting Sites


Health Guest Posting sites signify the practice of contributing informative content to platforms within the health industry as guest authors. These platforms cater to health-conscious individuals seeking insights into wellness, medical breakthroughs, fitness regimes, nutrition advice, and more. It serves as a channel for individuals or brands to disseminate expertise, opinions, or valuable information to a targeted audience passionate about health-related content.


How to find a health guest blog who accepts write for us

Finding guest blog sites is easy but if you are going to find a specific niche then it would be difficult to find. If you are going to find guest post sites with the help of a search engine then you must know a few advanced queries that are essential during finding guest posts:


  • health + write for us + guest post
  • Health Write for Us paid
  • health and wellness + write for us
  • health blogs write for us
  • health in the title: “guest post”
  • “Medical” + “write for us”
  • “Medical blog” + “write for us”
  • health and fitness write for us


Top 101+ Health Guest Posting sites list



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Next==> Health Guest Posting sites list



S.No. Website DA Submit Guest Post
1 Mind Body Green 87 Submit
2 Fitness Magazine 77 Submit
3 ACSH 73 Submit
4 Breaking Muscle 69 Submit
5 Wealthy Gorilla 61 Submit
6 RCNi 60 Submit
7 International Policy Digest 58 Submit
8 57 Submit
9 Yoga Basics 57 Submit
10 Shelterforce 56 Submit
11 Scoop Empire 56 Submit
12 Longitude Prize 55 Submit
13 Bee Culture 55 Submit
14 Generation Iron 55 Submit
15 Ekhart Yoga 55 Submit
16 Everyday Power 55 Submit
17 BeautyGlimpse 54 Submit
18 Geeky Medics 54 Submit
19 Social Work Helper 54 Submit
20 Fitness Republic 54 Submit
21 Nursing Clio 53 Submit
22 The PTDC 53 Submit
23 Student Minds 52 Submit
24 52 Submit
25 Banyan Botanicals 52 Submit
26 RecentlyHeard 51 Submit
27 Sivana Spirit 51 Submit
28 Yogapedia 51 Submit
29 Fitreign 50 Submit
30 Hive Health Media 50 Submit
31 Children’s Mental Health Network 49 Submit
32 Indian Link 49 Submit
33 Muscle and Brawn 49 Submit
34 Fitness Volt 48 Submit
35 Child in the City 47 Submit
36 Mio Skincare 47 Submit
37 BroScience 46 Submit
38 Buddha Groove 46 Submit
39 Healthiack 45 Submit
40 A Lust For Life 44 Submit
41 Psychreg 44 Submit
42 Fringe Sport 44 Submit
43 OutofStress 44 Submit
44 Wellness Creative Co 43 Submit
45 The Sociological Review 42 Submit
46 Mindfulness & Grief 42 Submit
47 Bee Healthy 41 Submit
48 The Health Science Journal 41 Submit
49 Food For Fitness 41 Submit
50 UpJourney 41 Submit
51 Credihealth 40 Submit
52 Canadian Nurse 40 Submit
53 Hello Miss Niki 40 Submit
54 Garage Gym Planner 40 Submit
55 JMax Fitness 40 Submit
56 Our Nutritionist 40 Submit
57 Wide Run 40 Submit
58 YBIC 40 Submit
59 MotivatePT 40 Submit
60 Inkbeau 39 Submit
61 Click For Therapy 39 Submit
62 Muscogee Moms 39 Submit
63 Yoga Digest 39 Submit
64 Psyched in San Francisco 39 Submit
65 Health Issues India 38 Submit
66 The Daily Meditation 38 Submit
67 Public Health Alert 38 Submit
68 Women Fitness Magazine 38 Submit
69 YEG Fitness 38 Submit
70 FitnesStep1 38 Submit
71 38 Submit
72 37 Submit
73 Libero Magazine 37 Submit
74 Mind Fuel Daily 37 Submit
75 Fix Health 37 Submit
76 Rufa Fish Spa 37 Submit
77 37 Submit
78 Siddhi Yoga 37 Submit
79 Mad World Summit 36 Submit
80 BiomedJ 36 Submit
81 Man Vs. Weight 36 Submit
82 Updatepedia 36 Submit
83 Fit Clarity 36 Submit
84 42Yogis 36 Submit
85 Health Writer Hub 35 Submit
86 The Fit Scene 35 Submit
87 Mind & Spirit 35 Submit
88 Pangea Systems 35 Submit
89 Sound Health Doctor 35 Submit
90 Sunshine Behavioral Health 35 Submit
91 Brett Larkin 35 Submit
92 The Healthcare Guys 34 Submit
93 Cool Health Tips 34 Submit
94 LadyLife 34 Submit
95 Health Host 34 Submit
96 Gympik 34 Submit
97 Dash of Wellness 34 Submit
98 Yogamoo 34 Submit
99 BookYogaTeacherTraining 34 Submit
100 Sand and Steel Fitness 33 Submit
101 33 Submit
102 Indian Weight Loss Blog 33 Submit
103 Guidelines Health 32 Submit
104 RegularityFitness 32 Submit
105 Weight Loss Triumph 32 Submit
106 Health Tips From The Professor 32 Submit
107 Girl Get Strong 31 Submit
108 31 Submit
109 Versaceoutletinc 30 Submit
110 Health Community Key 30 Submit
111 Elly McGuinness 30 Submit
112 Fitness Mentors 30 Submit
113 Safe and Healthy Life 30 Submit


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Impact of Health Guest Posting on Google Rankings


1. Establishing Quality Backlinks


Contributing insightful content to Health Guest Posting sites offers an opportunity to embed backlinks strategically to the author’s website. These backlinks serve as indicators of credibility and relevance to search engines like Google. High-quality backlinks from reputable health sites play a pivotal role in influencing a website’s ranking, enhancing its visibility in search engine results.


2. Engaging Targeted Audiences


Participation in health-centric platforms through health guest posting sites provides direct access to a niche audience deeply invested in health and wellness. By delivering content that addresses wellness trends, medical advancements, fitness strategies, or nutritional advice, authors attract visitors genuinely interested in health-related topics. This targeted traffic positively contributes to a website’s performance and relevance in Google’s ranking algorithms.


3. Establishing Authority and Credibility


Consistent contributions to Health Guest Posting sites assist in establishing the author’s authority within the health industry. Recognized and valued contributions serve as a testament to the expertise, enhancing the credibility of the author’s website in the eyes of search engines. Google values such signals of expertise and credibility when determining search result rankings.


Leveraging Health Guest Posting for Enhanced Google Rankings


To harness the potential of Health Guest Posting and elevate Google rankings, consider implementing the following strategies:


1. Targeting Esteemed Platforms

Identify and engage with established Health Guest Posting sites possessing high domain authority and an engaged readership base. Choose platforms that align with your health niche to ensure relevance and amplify the impact of your contributions.


2. Crafting Compelling and Informative Content

Create content that resonates with health enthusiasts. Offer unique insights, medical discoveries, fitness tips, nutritional guidelines, or wellness strategies that engage and add significant value to the audience. Valuable and engaging content motivates readers to explore further, potentially visiting your website through embedded backlinks.


3. Emphasizing Quality and Relevance

Focus on consistently delivering high-quality, relevant content. Ensure accuracy, originality, and relevance in every post. Engage the audience by addressing their queries, sharing expertise, or presenting innovative health ideas, fostering trust and credibility.


4. Strategic Backlink Placement

Embed backlinks thoughtfully within the content, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into the narrative. Avoid excessive linking or irrelevant placements that could diminish the content’s perceived value. Strategic placement of backlinks amplifies their effectiveness in enhancing the website’s ranking.



In conclusion, Health Guest Posting significantly contributes to improving a website’s Google ranking by generating quality backlinks, targeting specific audiences, and establishing credibility within the health industry. By deploying strategic guest posting tactics and consistently delivering valuable, engaging health content, websites can elevate their online visibility and rankings.


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