Unveiling the 42 Best, 100% Free SEO Tools – A Comprehensive Guide

Unveiling the 42 Best, 100% Free SEO Tools - A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), equipping yourself with the right tools is paramount. Recognizing the significance of fine-tuning your website for search engines, we bring forth a meticulously curated compilation—the 42 best, 100% free SEO tools. Esteemed by seasoned SEO professionals, each tool is thoughtfully arranged in alphabetical order, ensuring accessibility and convenience for your optimization journey. Explore this comprehensive list to empower your SEO strategies with industry-endorsed tools that promise effectiveness and reliability. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of SEO by leveraging these invaluable resources tailored for your success.


The 42 best, 100% free SEO tools


1. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker is a game-changer, revealing the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL without requiring additional purchases. Uncover valuable insights into your backlink profile effortlessly.


2. Animalz Revive

Maintaining fresh content is a key factor for SEO success. Animalz Revive ensures your content stays vibrant and relevant, contributing to improved search engine rankings.


3. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic transforms questions from blog posts, social media, and forums into keywords. This robust tool provides a rich well for keyword planning, giving your business a strategic advantage in the competitive digital landscape.


4. Bing Webmaster Tools

Often overlooked but incredibly valuable, Bing Webmaster Tools offers insights that can significantly impact your SEO strategy. Harness the power of this platform for a comprehensive understanding of your website’s performance.


5. Check My Links

Check My Links is a powerful, free tool that accelerates the link-building process. Quickly analyze the page you’re viewing, identify broken or invalid links, and enhance your website’s link quality.


6. Checkbot

Optimize your website with Checkbot by fixing broken links, eliminating duplicate pages, creating readable URLs, avoiding temporary redirects, and ensuring unique page titles. Elevate your site’s user experience and search engine visibility.


7. Chrome DevTools

Chrome’s developer tools are a well-kept SEO secret. Conduct competitor research, check rankings across different regions, test your site on various devices, track page load metrics, and more. Chrome DevTools is your free gateway to comprehensive SEO insights.


8. Dofollow Link Checker

Simplify the process of identifying no-follow and do-follow links by using the Dofollow Link Checker. This tool automates the checking of link attributes, providing a quick overview of a website’s linking practices.


9. Google Analytics

The cornerstone of web analytics, Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic. As part of the Google Marketing Platform, it offers invaluable data to refine your SEO and content strategies.


10. Google Keyword Planner

For understanding how people search and tailoring your content accordingly, Google Keyword Planner remains unparalleled. Gain insights into user language and refine your keyword targeting for optimal results.


11. Google My Business

Manage your business’s appearance on Google Search and Maps with Google My Business. From business details to customer reviews and search insights, this tool empowers you to enhance your online presence.


12. Google Search Console

An indispensable platform for understanding how Google perceives your website. Google Search Console provides feedback to help you identify and rectify issues, ensuring your site is optimized for search engines.


13. Google Search Tricks & Operators

Enhance your search capabilities with Google search operators. This user-friendly tool compiles the best operators, simplifying the process of refining search terms and obtaining precise results.


14. Google Tag Manager

Effortlessly manage and deploy marketing tags with Google Tag Manager. Avoid the need for code modification while maintaining control over tracking pixels on your website or mobile app.


15. Google Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing the popularity of top search queries across regions and languages. Google Trends utilizes graphs to showcase search query volume trends over time.


16. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Sign up for HARO to receive queries from reputable journalists. A brief response can result in a do-follow link from high-authority websites, boosting your website’s credibility.


17. UENI

For small and micro-businesses, UENI offers a hassle-free solution. Create an entire website with search-engine-friendly content by filling out a three-minute form, all for free.


18. INK

Combining the prowess of Yoast and HemingwayApp, INK is an AI platform analyzing your text for SEO, grammar, and structure. Streamline your writing process while adhering to SEO rules.


19. Lighthouse

Integrated into Chrome’s developer tools, Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving web page quality. Conduct SEO and performance audits to enhance your website’s overall performance.


20. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz offers free tools for domain analysis and keyword research. Leverage Moz Keyword Explorer to gain valuable insights into keywords relevant to your niche.


21. MozBar

MozBar provides at-a-glance data points critical for marketing professionals. Obtain a website’s Domain Authority, gaining insights into their ranking performance effortlessly.


22. GoAuditor

The tool provides an analysis of a website or domain against the latest SEO technical factors. It also provides data such as Google Page Speed, Moz PA/DA, SEMRush keyword data, social presence, and more. You can download a PDF of the results.


23. Rank Math

For WordPress users, Rank Math is a powerful SEO plugin facilitating higher search engine rankings. Optimize your WordPress site effortlessly with regular updates and new features.


24. Soovle

Enter a keyword and generate a list of popular keywords based on real-time searches across multiple search engines. Soovle empowers you to optimize your content for current trends.


25. SEO Minion

A free browser extension, SEO Minion provides quick access to crucial SEO information. From missing alt text to canonicals, this extension offers a comprehensive overview for swift diagnosis.


26. SEO Review Tools

Ideal for checking domain authority, finding duplicate content, optimizing content, and conducting technical analysis, SEO Review Tools and its Chrome extension are invaluable assets for SEO professionals.


27. Hunter

Quickly find email addresses with Hunter. The free version provides 50 searches per month, aiding in outreach and link-building efforts.


28. SEOquake

SEOquake compiles comprehensive information about any webpage. As a Chrome extension, it provides instant access to crucial data without requiring intricate setups.



Export all SERPs into a CSV document with SERP2CSV. This allows for bulk analysis in Ahrefs or SEMrush, enhancing your ability to refine your SEO strategy.


30. Serpstat

Check keyword rankings, and backlinks, and analyze competitors with Serpstat. Even for PPC, this tool provides essential basics for free.


31. SimilarWeb

Uncover direct traffic, organic traffic, geolocation, and social traffic insights with SimilarWeb. This tool equips SEOs with valuable data for strategic decision-making.


32. Rank Console

Monitor Google rankings and website links for free with Rank Console. Stay informed about your website’s performance in search results.


33. SmallSEOTools Domain Authority Checker

Check the domain authority of any website with this free SEO tool. Gain insights into the authority of websites to inform your link-building strategies.


34. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Crawl websites’ URLs, fetch key elements, and conduct technical and onsite SEO analysis with the Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Analyze up to 500 URLs for free and enhance your website’s SEO.


35. Thruuu

Analyze up to 100 pages of Google’s search results and extract key information effortlessly with Thruuu. Streamline your competitive analysis without the need for coding.


36. Ubersuggest

Conduct thorough keyword research with Ubersuggest. This intuitive tool provides insights into backlinks, keyword difficulty, related keywords, and daily ranking updates, enhancing your SEO strategy.


37. SEOPress

Efficiently optimize your WordPress site with SEOPress. Continuously updated with new features, this tool meets the dynamic requirements of on-page SEO.


38. Varvy SEO Tool

Access data beyond conventional tools with the Varvy SEO Tool. Gain insights into mobile-friendliness, missing alt text, HTTPS setup, robots.txt analysis, and more for a comprehensive SEO analysis.


39. Valentin. app

Get localized Google search results for any location with Valentin. app. Ideal for agencies and companies working across borders, this tool streamlines remote searches without physical travel.


40. WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor by Link-Assistant is a valuable tool for finding on-page SEO problems and utilizing TF-IDF for competitive analysis. Identify opportunities to surpass your competitors with actionable insights.


41. Yoast SEO

A widely popular WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO is a must-have for optimizing your site. Whether you run a personal blog or manage a client’s website, Yoast empowers you to make your site search-engine-friendly.


42. Siteliner

Scan any URL with Siteliner to identify duplicate content and broken links. Resolve issues efficiently, export results, and elevate your website’s overall SEO performance.


Our extensive compilation features a diverse array of free SEO tools, meticulously curated to address various facets of optimization. By seamlessly integrating these tools into your overarching SEO strategy, you position yourself to secure a distinct competitive advantage within the dynamic digital landscape. Harness the power of these resources to not only stay abreast of industry trends but also to fine-tune and optimize your strategies. In doing so, you pave the way for a heightened online presence and visibility for your website. Stay ahead of the ever-evolving curve, continually refine your approaches, and leverage these invaluable tools to propel your digital success to new heights.



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